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How We Offer Cheap Website Design

OK, so your business is at a point that you know you need to get a website to give you that all important online presence but, do you go to a large nationwide agency, a small local company or one of those self build services like WIX? Well now there is another and this option incorporates all the best parts of these, full design service combined with extremely low prices. Now it’s these low prices that actually leads us to needing this page because at Banana Sites we’re asked all the time how we’re able to provide such cheap web design at a fraction of the cost that others charge. We understand why this is the biggest question we get asked and guess what... We love to answer it and here are the 6 main reasons how we can provide this service!


£99 £129

+ £4.95 Hosting fee

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No fancy offices with slides or ball pools.

We make no secret of where we work, we just have regular offices with regular walls and regular ceilings. I know since the creation of companies like Google or Apple, website design agencies (and other techy type businesses) have tried to emulate that same look. People sitting about on beanbags eating popcorn or relaxing in some egg shaped pod where they can re-charge with a 14 minute power nap. A quick look on pinterest and you will find offices without stairs but in their place, slides which finish into ball pits. Now don’t get us wrong, we love games but while all this is going on, somebody has to pay for it. Without putting too much pressure on you who do you think pays for that... Correct, the customer does! Now our regular looking office with little more than a Kettle and a microwave start to sound more appealing. We knew you would like our 1980’s office.

We Don't Do In-Person Meetings


Hours Wasted in Meetings


Proposals deemed usless


Hours Wasted Making Changes


Days Wasted Coding

We are an internet based business and with this in mind, we only do business on the internet. Now that may sound silly but most web design agencies will hold meetings, and not just the one!It’s a major thing, people from all corners of their business come to the boardroom to talk turkey and make you feel like the only person in the country that is having a website built.
There will be post-it notes everywhere, clipboards, projectors and whiteboards. While all this is going on, those pound notes are adding up. After all, these website guru’s are charging upwards of £75 per hour EACH so they want you to ask as many questions as possible, to discuss your full requirements in detail. Our fact finding and design research is all done online using Google Docs.
It’s easy, its fast and it can be done in your own time. For those times when questions arise from either party, we can use email or the telephone. They both work well and mean neither party has to buy a train ticket or get time out of work. Apart from the cheaper prices, you also benefit by having time to give proper consideration to your replies or requests about your design, you are not put on the spot and made to feel like you have to give a decision there and then.

Other Reasons

We use the latest software and technology.

Many web design agencies spent months coding each individual website from scratch. Not only is this ineffective, it also means that they have to charge you more for the man hours of their full stack developers. Although there is a place for hand coding websites, most businesses just want a website that looks good and converts leads. We have implemented some of the latest page building technology so that our websites not only look good, they only take a fraction of the time to build. All of our websites are built in WordPress which means once we have completed the desgin and handed the site over, our users can easily manage their own websites without the need to pay for additional help. And as it’s used for 6 out of 10 websites that are built using a content management system (CMS), WordPress really is the peoples champion.

We only have one focus, Website Design.

We have refined what we offer and focus solely on just the one service: WordPress website design. Now don’t let us confuse you here, website design still has lots of elements within it, so things like graphic design, copywriting, SEO, technical server stuff and user experience are all sub-catorgories of the one larger bespoke website design service we offer.

We don’t spend time playing games.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love games and we love playing them. But, as grown up people who have jobs we don’t play them at work or during office hours, we’re just too busy... Working. I know it sounds old fashioned but how can we expect our customers to pay for these kind of shenanigans. So for this reason we have ditched the Space Hoppers and ping pong tables and replaced them with laptops, chairs and desks. But we don’t want or expect your sympathy, this is because we actually love our work and we love hearing just how excited you are about getting your business online.

We don’t run expensive advertising campaigns.

We do very little paid advertising and the small amount we do certainly doesn’t include any famous people in over the top television adverts. Our small advertising budget is spent between a few social network promotions and Bing/Google advertising. The reason we can advertise so little is nearly 70% of our customers come from word of mouth, that’s right, old fashioned recommendations. So having eliminated the single biggest cost for the majority of website design agencies we don’t have to pass this cost on to our existing customers or prices.

So What Are You Waiting For?

At Banana Sites we’re proud to offer cheap website design prices and feel no matter how small your budget is we have a great offering of web design options for you at affordable prices. It’s a business that we love and it certainly doesn’t feel like work. We have ambitions for the business but we also know our market, we don’t plan on changing our core values so what you see today is what you will still see or get in 10 years from now.

We’re sure we will be a great fit for your business website needs so it’s upto you now, how many pages do you want...